What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Messenger or simply call it as WhatsApp is an American cross-platform messaging application. This messaging application is free and owned by Facebook, Inc since 2014. WhatsApp allows its users to send text, pictures, and voice messages. Also, this application has the feature of voice call as well as video call. Until Oct 2022 this application has been downloaded 5 billion times with active users around 2 billion. So, no need to argue that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform today. The closest competitors are Telegram, which is by the end of Feb 2022 has 550 million users. While Signals, per Jan 2022 has 40 million active users. As for UAE, in 2022, there are 7.9 million users of WhatsApp from a total of 9.9 million population. Thus, UAE WhatsApp users are approximately 80% of the total population

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What are the differences between WhatsApp for personal and WhatsApp for business?

At first, WhatsApp only had one standard WhatsApp account. Later, WhatsApp has two kinds of accounts: personal or standard WhatsApp account and WhatsApp for business (WhatsApp Business). The main differences between the two are:

  • 1. Business account notification, like, "This chat is with a business account"
  • 2. Business account profile: photo profile, name, the field of business, working hours, location, map, and other details.
  • 3. Business account product catalog

  • 4. Business account automation messaging

Those features are needed for a business to stand out among the rest of someone’s WhatsApp contacts and as the information source of the products provided by the business. WhatsApp Business now has a separate application, both mobile and web just like personal WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business itself has two types: WhatsApp Business App which is free and WhatsApp Business API which is paid. The main difference is that in WhatsApp Business App the maximum number of the device that can be connected is two devices. While in WhatsApp Business API, it can be accessed by multiple users/administrators in the business.

How do we collect our WhatsApp database?

WhatsApp database is basically a mobile number database because to have a WhatsApp account one must have one active mobile number. So, the database for WhatsApp can be gathered from multiple resources, like directories, websites, resources that are available for the public, and resources that have limited availability. And we have a huge amount of this kind of database.

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What industries need this WhatsApp database?

As a famous proverb says, “Information is the key to success”, then the database is one of that information. Not mere information, it is the way to reach our customers. Everyone, every company in any industry that is providing services or products will need customers. The future customers are there in the mobile database, especially the WhatsApp database. People nowadays are using their mobile phones a lot. Research by dscout found that average people touched (swiped and tapped) their phone 2,617 times a day!

So, we can imagine how many chances our messages can be read by them if we send those messages straight to their mobile phone via the most popular application: WhatsApp. Kindly notice, that this finding, happened before the pandemic and lockdown policy. During almost 2 years of the pandemic, more and more people have a dependency on their mobile, including WhatsApp.

Why do you need this WhatsApp database?

There are many things you can do with this huge WhatsApp database. The most common usage of this type of database is for marketing. If you have a product or service to sell then utilizing the database is one of the best ways to get leads. Not only that, if you are a researcher whether it is a market researcher, educational researcher, social researcher, then having this database is crucial for your research. You can find your respondents that match your criteria easily.

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uae email marketing

How do you utilize this WhatsApp database?

The easiest way to use this kind of database is by using it to send your message to people. Any messages will do. It can be product-related messages, like a discount, a sale, a new product, or maybe a soft opening of your business. It can be social or religious messages even political messages. It can be anything.

What are the benefits of WhatsApp marketing?

Compared to other platforms, like SMS service or even advertisement on any media, WhatsApp has its own merits:

  • 1. WhatsApp message is faster in getting response compared to SMS or email.
  • 2. WhatsApp message has more length and options to customize your message to look more interesting for your receiver.
  • 3. You can send video messages which are more appealing than a regular text message.
  • 4. WhatsApp message is contagious. Once a person gets an interesting message through WhatsApp, there is a lot of possibilities that this person will forward it maybe to another personal contact or a WhatsApp group with many members.
  • 5. By putting your WhatsApp link in your message, the customer who gets your message can directly contact you without additional means

How does a WhatsApp database look like?

Here is how our WhatsApp and mobile number database for UAE look like.

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uae email marketing

What categories of WhatsApp database that we provide?

Database ME mainly provides UAE WhatsApp/ mobile numbers databases, although we also cover the gulf countries, likeSaudi Arabia. Our UAEWhatsApp/ mobile numbers databases cover all emirates in the UAE. Below are the major categories of the UAEWhatsApp/ mobile numbers databases that we have: